Guru Purnima

Every year on Guru Poornima, Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath gives Diksha to new devotees. The Sadhak can take diksha to become Sanyasi or Tantra Sadhak. Also married couples can take diksha for becoming the followers of Vaam Marg.

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The event starts from 6:00 AM and lasts till 10:00 PM.In the morning Jagatguru himself completes the Diksha ceremony for all the new Sadhaks and followers. After which Shahi Yatra is organized. In the Shahi Yatra a procession of all the saints of Gurunath Akhada is started from Sewak Sanjaynath Tantrik Kali Mandir and takes a Parikrama of the Raxaul city.

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Around 10,000 saints of gurunath akhada assemble at the temple during Guru Poornima every year. The procession is headed by Jagatguru Vamacharya.

After the procession ends the yearly Sanatan Dharm Sansad of Gurunath Akhada will be conducted. In this meeting the following issues will be discussed.

1. Ongoing Revolution for establishing Nepal as a Hindu Country
2. Steps to make Raja Gyanendra as King of Nepal as soon as possible.
3. Issue raised to government for banning cow slaughters from all over Bharat.
4. To remove India and place the original name of the country as BHARAT in all the official records. And also rename India Gate or gateway of India as Bharat Gate and Gateway of Bharat.

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Jagatguru will himself offer clothes, Rudraksh Necklace and money to all the saints on this occasion. The saints from other Akhadas are also welcomed to join this event.