Kali Nyas Vidhya Ashram

Sewak Sanjaynath Vridha Ashram, was started by the trust for the old parents who were left all alone in this world. The Sewak Sanjaynath Kali trust provides all neccessary aminities to the residents of the Vridha Ashram.

The inaugration of Vridha Ashram was done by Honorable Mr. Chinmyanand Swami, Ex Home Minister Indian Government and Mr. Ashwani Chaubey, Development Minister, Bihar Government in year 2007.

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Sewak Sanjaynath has started a scheme to own one old person by paying an amount of Rs 25,000 onetime. By owning an old person he meant that the contributer is providing a bed and all living means to the selected old person.

If any contributor wants to contribute for the construction of one room in the old age home the cost is Rs 1,50,000. Then the room is named after the donors name. If someone wants to contribute for arranging food and medicine for an old person then he/she can contribute Rs 15,000 onetime annually. But if someone wants to donate money for feeding an old person till the trust exsists then he/she can donate Rs 1,50,000 for lifetime and no matter even after the death of the donor or the old person the trust will keep on acknowleding the contribution of the donor for other exsisting members of the old age home.

Any contributor who has contributed above Rs 5000 then his/her name will be marked on marble stone and placed on the walls of Vridha Ashram.