Gurunath Akhada

Gurunath Akhada was started in 2004 and had 7000 saints in the beginning. Sewak Sanjaynath initially was a member of Juna Akhada (Group of Saints). But there he saw that all the saints were divided on the basis of groups (akhada) like bairagi,radha krishna,udasi,aawahan,agni,digambara akhada, vam marg,vaishnav marg,nirmohi and shaiv marg. They termed themselves as Hindus but were divided on the basis of the Gods and the groups they followed. Unhappy with these kinds of discriminations,Based on religious differences, he decided to start a new Akhada named as Gurunath Akhada, which was a single platform for all categories of saints and groups.

Sewak Sanjaynath was elected as the Maha Mandaleshwar of Gurunath Akhada, by all the saints in the Sanatan Dharma Sansad in year 2005. Then in year 2006 he was titled as Jagatguru Vamacharya of Gurunath Akhada. He is the head of 16642 saints and sages.

Gurunath Akhada is basically started for the upliftment of Sadhu’s and Sanyasi’s. Another major objective of Gurunath Akhada is to propagate Hindu Dharma all over the world.
The “Pithadhish” of Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust also holds the position of the “Jagatguru Vamacharya” of Gurunath Akhada. The Gurunath Akhada is a registered charitable trust and follows the following principles.


1. To build ashrams, hospitals, arrange feasts and other charitable activities in favor of Saints and sages.
2. To build temples and monasteries for propagating Hinduism.
3. To arrange pilgrimage tours for saints.


1. Vam Bhakt: Any person (Married/Unmarried) who is willing to follow Hinduism can join Gurunath Akhada as Vam Bhakt. He/She has to wear Rudraksh and pray to their god regularly.
2. Vam Sadhak: Any person (Married/Unmarried) who is willing to propagate Vam Marg can join as Vam Sadhak. He/She has to always wear red dress and Rudraksh. Also Vam Sadhak has to follow Vam Paddati and pray to Maa Kali regularly.
3. Vamacharya: Any person who has complete knowledge of Vam Marg and is ready to remain unmarried for his complete life can become a Vamacharya. He/She has to wear Black dress completely along with Rudrakhsha. Vamacharya will have the power to give Diksha to Vam Bhakt’s and Vam Sadhaks. One out of all the Vamacharyas the best Vamacharya will be titled as Jagatguru Vamacharya in future.


The logo of Gurunath Akhada has the photo of Ist Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath ji Maharaj and the address of Gurunath Akhada.


The Gurunath Akhada has an eminent committee which take cares of all the activities of gurunath akhada. Apart from the topmost title of Jagatguru Vamacharya, the other members of this committee are titled as Mahamadaleshwar, Chairman (Sabhapati),General Secretary (Mahamantri), Defence Chief (Senapati), Treasurers, Priest and Chief Officer of Police.
All the members of Gurunath Akhada are elected after every 6 years by the mutual consent of members and Jagatguru Vamacharya. The right, duties and responsibility of the trust committee including the office bearers shall be decided separately in the joint meeting of the trust committee by way of drawing resolutions. After founding any kind of discrepancies or faults in the committee the Jagatguru has the authority to dissolve the committee immediately.


1. The entire management of the said trust will be done by Jagatguru Vamacharya. He will be solely responsible for the management and development of the Trust.
2. The income of the trust will be deposited in State Bank of India, Raxaul or any other bank in the name of Gurunath Akhada in any type of accounts. The accounts shall be operated by the Jagatguru Vamacharya only.
3.Nobody in the trust, whether any member or Jagatguru Vamacharya, has the power to sell or create any charges or transfer the trust properties in any case whatsoever.
4. That Jagatguru can invest or reinvest trust surplus money only in Govt. and Public securities. The said trust shall keep proper books of the accounts of the trust and such books with securities, vouchers etc. shall be kept under the custody of the Jagatguru Vamacharya.
5. That if in case the Gurunath Akhada is dissolved all the property of Gurunath Akhada will be transferred to Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust.

Gurunath Akhada has done various revolutions and activities in favor of Hindu Dharma and Saints/Sages of India.

1.Nepal Revolution in 2008
2.Hajipur Shahi Snan.
3.Gau(Cow) Raksha Abhiyaan.
4.Allahabad Kumbh Snan.