Jagatguru Vamacharya Foundation

The Jagatguru Vamacharya Foundation was registered in year 2007, The Trustee being Sewak Sanjaynath and Mrs.Nini Verma.


To establish hostels and institutions for the benefit of children of poor community.
To grant scholarship and stipends to students belonging to own institution or any school for studies within India.
To promote, set up and run family child welfare services such as teaching of crafts, social education, population and environment, environmental education.
To set up, acquire, maintain and grant to institutions for purpose of imparting education from primary to university level with residential facilities.
To start and publish Newspaper, Periodicals, Books, Pamphlets and Magazines in Print-media.
To start Programs, Slots, News Magazines, Channels, Satellite in Electronic media.
To arrange for plantation of trees towards the furtherance of environmental growth.
To establish old age homes and home for orphanage.
To establish Hospitals, construction of low cost houses for poor.
To construct and maintenance of Cremation centre, graveyards, playground, auditorium, stadium, parks, garden, marriage halls, ponds, boring, drainage for the benefit of the society.
To encouraging and arranging group marriage in all classes of society
To undertake government schemes, program for the benefit of the society.
To establish the betterment of worker class and for rights of animals, birds etc. directly or through any outfit of the foundation.
To establish and run training cum production for generating employment among the poor/women.
To work for environment protection, for creating aware towards global warming.
To motivate youths to look after old parents provide them financial support if needed.


The foundation will receive donations / funds from individuals, corporate world, government organizations, other trustee, NGOs, financial institutions, banks, international institutions, NRIs etc. for achieving its objectives.
All amounts collected, received including Rs.10, 000.00 to above shall be deposited and spent for the work of the FOUNDATION.
Accounts shall be either in a Bank, Post-Office or any financial institution in the name of the FOUNDATION and shall be jointly operated by the trustee Sewak Sanjaynath and any one of the Secretary and the Treasurer.


Board of trustee shall solicit donations, immovable properties, cash and kind in the name of the trust and the said properties shall be used for fulfilling objects of the trust.
The board of trustees for in further reference of objects of the trust may approach and enter into agreement with Central or State Governments and any other statutory bodies.


All donations, subscriptions shall be received through receipts signed by Secretary and Treasurer.
Proper accounting year wise from April to March shall be maintained on being audited by an Auditor appointed by board of trustees.


The First JAGAT GURU VAMACHARYA SEWAK SANJAY NATH will be the First Trustee of the Foundation. The settler Nini Verma will be the next trustee.
Active member will have to pay Rs.500.00 per annum as its membership fee. Those donating Rs.5000.00 or above to the foundation will become Life Time Active Member.