Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust

The Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust was registered in year 1993,the Trustee and Pithadhish being Sewak Sanjaynath, General Secretary as Mr Anil Kumar and Chairman as Mr Kiran Shankar Sarraf.

The trust has the provision of having two permanent members in which one is always the Pithadhish and other is always one of the family members from Late Binda Prasad Verma’s family. Currently Mr Ajay Kumar Verma is the second permanent member.


The objective of Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust is to construct Maa-Kali temple and to construct schools and colleges, hospitals, Guesthouse, Pilgrimage and other public buildings and institutions to serve the poor people of the societies.

To make the trust safe from dynasty rule or any kind of unauthorized possessions after Sewak Sanjaynath the following rules have been registered for the trust.
1. That Pithadhish of the Kali temple must be unmarried sanyasi and dedicated to Maa-Kali. The Pithadhish will be always trustee of the said trust.
2. That the existing Pithadhish will select the next Pithadhish. In case the existing Pithadhish cannot select the next Pithadhish in that case permanent members will select the next Pithadhish.
3. That in case the Pithadhish solemnized his marriage in that case he automatically ceases from the post of Pithadhish and trustee and a new Pithadhish and trustee will be selected by permanent members.
4. That there are two types of members. One type of member is permanent and other type is temporary members.
5. That permanent members must be two among one member must be made from the family of Dr.Binda Prasad Verma, at Ashram Road, Raxaul and other permanent member is Pithadhish. At present, the permanent member from the family of Dr.Binda Prasad Verma is Mr Ajay Kumar Verma.
6. That there will be one President, one Secretary and one Treasure beside Pithadhish and one permanent member. The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the trust will be from the members of temporary committee (Asthai samittee) whose election will be done on every two years and in their election Pithadhish permanent member and all the members of temporary committee (Asthai samittee) will have got right to vote. The Pithadhish and permanent member have got right to dissolve temporary committee (Asthai samittee) on default committee by this samittee.
7. That entire management of the said trust will be done by Pithadhish. He will be solely responsible for the management and development of the Trust.
8. That the income of Maa-Kali temple and the income of any other public and charitable institution of he said trust will be deposited at State Bank of India, Raxaul or any other bank in the name of the trust in any type of accounts. The accounts shall be jointly operated by the present Pithadhish and Secretary of the trust. In case of death of present Pithadhish, the account shall be jointly operated by permanent member of the family of Dr.Binda Prasad Verma and future Pithadhish of the said trust.
9. That nobody or individual or Pithadhish of the trust has got power to sell or create any charges or transfer the trust properties in any case whatsoever.
10. That Pithadhish invest or reinvest trust surplus money only in Govt. and Public securities. The said trust shall keep proper books of the accounts of the trust and such books with securities, vouchers etc. shall be kept under the custody of the Pithadhish.
11. That the right, duties and responsibility of the trust committee including the office bearers shall be decided separately in the joint meeting of the trust committee by way of drawing resolutions.

Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust has started various social activites at Raxaul.

1. Founded Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Nyas Vidhyalay.
2. Founded Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Nyas Vridha Ashram.
3. Founded Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Nyas Hindu Hospital.
4. Founded Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Nyas Marriage Home.