Remedies for Life Problems

Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath has 90% success rate in solving various life problems all over India and Nepal since 1989 using Tantra.

  • Are you facing childbirth, family, job, financial or marriage problems?
  • Suffering from chronic diseases, depression or black magic?
  • Do you want future predictions based on birth details or face reading or consultation on gemstones?

Seek Spiritual Guidance

Meet Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath for guidance to spend a happy and hopeful life.

  • Learn about Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Kriya, Siddhi’s and Vam Marg.
  • Learn about the path of enlightenment and moksha.
  • Learn to find your happiness.

Helping the Global Community

Giving back to the society is a joy. Join us and extend your support for our social causes.

  • Getting every child to school – Sponsor the monthly fees of children who are at risk of discontinuing their education.
  • Self-empowerment programs for widows disabled youth and senior citizens.
  • Support in causes like Swachta Abhiyan, Gau Raksha Abhiyan, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan.

Celebrating 50 Years

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About Sewak Sanjaynath

Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath is a Tantric Practitioner and Sewak of Maa Kali. He holds the title of Jagatguru Vamacharya and is involved in many social and religious activities and is founder of temples in Raxaul, Patna, Delhi and Nepal.

Meet Jagatguru Vamacharya Sewak Sanjaynath

Tasks Performed by Sewak Sanjaynath Kali Trust

  • Sewak of Maa Kali and Shiva

    Sanjay Verma, a small town boy went to the jungles of Himalayas at a very young age of 19 and gained spiritual enlightenment by meeting Lord Shiva himself. Sanjay Verma then became Sewak Sanjaynath and decided to remain unmarried lifelong, to serve Maa Kali and lord Shiva.

  • Youngest Jagatguru Vamacharya

    Titled as Maha Mandaleshwar of Gurunath Akhada, by all the saints in 2005 at the age of thirty-nine only he holds the title of the Youngest Maha Mandaleshwar and soon was titled as Jagatguru Vamacharya by the Sanatan Dharm Sansad.

  • More Than 25,000+ Followers

    Started Gurunath Akhada in 2004 with 7000 saints as followers, as of now, more than 25000+ followers which include Naga Sadhus, Vam Margi Celibates, Grihastha couples are followers all across the world, primarily in India, Nepal, US, UK, Australia, Srilanka and Canada.

  • Most Influential Socio-Religious Saint of North Bihar

    Jagatguru Vamacharya is amongst the topmost influential socio-religious Hindu saints in India and has done incredible work for North Bihar. His trusts are involved in various religious and social activities like Temples constructions, School constructions, running Old age homes, Women empowerment centers, Chitragupt Maha Parivaar and supporting social causes like Gau Raksha, Clean Ganga, Swachata Abhiyan to name a few.

  • Renowned Tantric Practictioner

    A renowned Tantric practitioner in Vam Marg he has attained various siddhis like Shamshan Sadhna, Bhairavi Chakra, Bhairav Chakra,Yoni Pooja, Aghor Sadhna, Swapn Karn Pichashani siddhi, Dus Mahavidya Sadhana, 64 yogini sadhana, Ashtbhairav Sadhna, Vajroli Sadhna, Kaulacharya rites and many other secret tantric practices at Kaudi Kamakhya Shakti peeth in Assam, TaaraPeeth ,Bhoothnath in West Bengal and Raxaul,Bihar

What is Depression?

The Consultation Process

Services Offered

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What others say about us

Jyotsna Sharan

I am deeply touched by Baba’s holiness and selfless services which has caused my spiritual evolution. I am greatly inspired and wish to inherit the value of ‘universal compassion’ from Baba as his disciple for lifetime, thus following Baba’s motive for life – ‘LOVE AND CARE FOR ALL’.

Jyotsna SharanDetroit, Michigan
Devidasan Giri

Guruji,I am continuing with the Sadhana you have given me and getting much benefit (feeling the Shakti).

Guruji, I really admire the social service you perform as well as all your efforts to preserve Sanatana Dharma. This is also one of my passion.

Devidasan GiriAustralia
Lance Lammon

I am enjoying this Navratra so much….have fire going outside, feel good meditations.  also, thank u for the anusthan I feel lot of benefits and am glad it completed successfully,   I feel great gratitude n fondness for the  place where you are and your mandir and devotees

Lance LammonCalifornia, USA
Mr. Kiran Sarraf

I know Gurudev since the time he was a kid. I have seen his spiritual journey myself and I am fortunate to say that I after I started following him as my Guru, my life has changed it direction. A rich businessman who was never satisfied earlier, experiences true happiness and satisfaction in Gurudev’s feet. I am fortunate to seek blessings everyday from him since past 23 years.

Mr. Kiran SarrafRaxaul
Rashmi Shrivastava

Met Babaji in 2007, fortunate to be her niece and have seen his life closely while making this website. He is one gem of a person, who can make you feel confident and can guide you in any field of life. He is a true inspiration and I would say he gives flavors of spiritualism, knows the true meaning of Hinduism, can differentiate between superstition and mythology, has a scientific approach to everything in life and is amazing in giving directions.

I feel blessed to know such a person in this lifetime. I have experienced closeness with Lord Shiva and Maa Kali after knowing him. I also find his life following the same path as of Ram Krishna Paramhans and Osho

Rashmi ShrivastavaNew Delhi
Anil Kumar Verma

Gurudev has changed my life and help me understand what spirituality is. Me and my wife are both followers of Gurudev and he is a living inspiration for us. In  his able guidance we have learnt Vam Marg sadhna and are leading a blissful life.

Anil Kumar VermaPatna