Relationship of Tantra in our Life

Tantrik Sadhna helps in discovering the natural ways of helping mankind. In ancient times the scientists were known as Tantriks. Nature has provided all the ingredients and ways in itself for the benefits of living organisms. Earlier the Saints or Tantriks used to find out and do researches on these areas for the betterment of mankind. Now we term this as scientific researches and the person involved is known as Scientist.

Let’s take an example. Scientists discovered Radio, which when set on a desired frequency, connects one place or person to another. Similar findings are mentioned in our ancient epics. Where Rishi/Muni used to connect with distant places or persons through their meditation.
This was done through Tantrik Sadhna. Tantrik Sadhna is a process followed by the Tantriks or Sadhaks to find the right frequency at right time to gain successful results. This tantra sadhna can be used by the Tantrik for solving another person’s problems. As well as the Tantra Sadhna is done by the Tantriks to enhance their own energy and power also.

Tantrik kriya always follow the natures rule. The whole world is based on Tantrik Kriya. Tantrik Kriya is combination of five M’s or Panch Makaar. Maas (Flesh), Matsya (Fish), Mudra (Cereals), Madira (Wine) and Maithuna (Sex). These five M’s are the foundations of Tantrik Kriya. And the whole world is based on these five M’s. Each organism dwelling in this world is involved in one or the other parts of Panch Makaar.
This is described in detail below:

Maas (Flesh): In Tantrik Kriya Maas is referred to a corpulent material which gives existence or shape to any object or organism. Without flesh the world’s existence cannot be materialize. Every day we are connecting with fleshes either by eating directly or indirectly or by touching it or by viewing it etc. 80% of world’s population is non vegetarian which means it is using the Maas part of Panch Makaar directly. 20% population which states themselves to be vegetarian also indirectly use flesh in a refined or derived form. For e.g. Butter from Cow Milk is also a kind of animal protein which is obtained from animal flesh. Or Vitamin A or Haemoglobin Syrups used for curing ailments are all derived from flesh. Hence each one of us is using flesh in our everyday life directly or indirectly.
Even if we do not consider eating flesh still we are touching, viewing or feeling each other’s existence through the corpulent material i.e. flesh. Hence the Ist M of Panch makkar is an integral part of our day today life.
Another example of existence of Maas in the origin of living organisms is the fact that when the zygote and the sperm combines together to form a life the first significant physical existence is in the form of flesh.

Matasya (Fish): The literal meaning of Matasya is Fish. However in Panch Makaar Matasya depicts mobility or Movement. A fish can never be stable till it is alive, similarly Matasya Gun depict the mobility of the flesh without which a person cannot be alive. Mataysa doesn’t only signify eating fish. But the vital importance of Matasya Gun in our day today life is to be mobile as a fish and move ahead towards our destination even if the path is conflicting. Matasya of Panch Makaar Sadhna portrays to attain the fish characteristics in ourselves and find new ways of living.

Mudra (Gesture/Cereals): In Tantra Mudra is used in two ways:

1. Mudra is any kind of action or ritual gesture.E.g. Yoni Mudra, Gyan Mudra, Ling Mudra etc
2. Mudra also signifies cereals. E.g. to use raw cereals to create eatables. E.g. Rice Balls or Pinds.

The significance of Mudra as a Panch Makaar in Tantra Sadhna is that when a corpulent body (Maas) gains mobility (Matasya) the next important thing is to know the correct action or gesture (Mudra). Also to perform those actions right and pure food is required for energy. This is also termed as Mudra (Cereals). For example when a foetus gains mobility in the mother’s womb it is holding a gesture (Mudra) of folding his/her legs around the neck. Then once the foetus starts feeding on the Mudra (cereals) taken by the mother indirectly the sense of actions or gestures starts developing in the foetus. This is a clear significance of Mudra Panch Makaar in our day today life.

Madira (Wine): The literal meaning of Madira is Wine. However, Madira denotes Addiction (Nasha) towards any goal. This addiction is long term and is required to gain success towards any goal. When the Maas, Matasya, Mudra combines with Madira the individual gets exsistence,mobility with right gestures, food and correct obsession in right path. This helps in reaching to the correct destination.
The true evidence of importance of Madira in a foetus is that when it gets food in the mother’s womb it hurts his flesh. He starts moving inside the womb and starts praying to god to end his sins and let him come out of the womb. This happens only when the Madira gun is imbibed in the foetus, and he gets addicted towards prayers of god. The madira gun only helps the foetus to come out of the troublesome mother’s womb.

Maithun (Sex): The last Makaar of Panch Makaar is Maithun which signifies regressive churning. Now day’s sex is treated as a means of enjoyment. But according to Tantra Sex is a method of regressive churning (Mathna, origin of Maithun).
According to Tantra anything on this world when churned regressively has the ability to produce another substance. It is the intensity of churning which is responsible for the production of new substance and the quality of the substance. For e.g. when milk is churned regressively butter is formed. When a male and a female doe’s maithuna birth to a new live is given.
Tantra says when the maithuna can give birth to a new life. If done in correct way and with right motive it can give us the way towards achieving the almighty.

The difference of Maithuna (Sex) done by a common man and by a Tantrik is just that a common man does maithuna with the female for gaining his enjoyment while a Tantrik does maithuna within his body (Brahm/Shiv) and his soul (Shakti/Shiva) to gain spirituality and power of the supreme.

The above description proves that none of the living organisms are indifferent to Panch Makaar. At least one M of Panch Makaar always exist in a living being.
In summary we can say when Panch Makaar is used in a normal way the individual or the living beings gain normal happiness and satisfaction. However when the Panch Makaar is imbibed in ourselves for proper objective and in a right way it can lead towards spirituality and enlightenment.

In Yogini Tantra, Lord Shiva had mentioned that in Kalyuga Vedic Mantra, will become a poison less snake, and because for Vedic mantra difference between purity and impurity is must. However in Kalyug this is not possible as all castes will be same. Hence there will be no dissimilarity between pure and impure. Thus the Mantras mentioned in Veda will never give their results. For this reason Lord Shiva told that Vedic Mantra’s will be applicable and fruitful only in Satyug,Dwapar and Treta yuga. That is why in Kalyuga, where people are busy in fulfilling their wishes and are forgetting the Vedic rules only Tantra is a way towards god without following any rules.